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Anyway, it's night time now
And this means I must be leaving you all. Much as I love looking at journals and webcams (yeesh, right little voyuer I am), I need sleep lest I be too tired to get to work tomorrow. Let's hope I catch the bus this time... Right now, I'm on the ultra-happy part of my manic-depressive cycle. Let's hope it lasts until I'm asleep :o)

Love to all (except those of you I don't love - you know who you are)

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Me thinks you better read this. Ohh...and before you get on your high-horse and start accusing me of it.
I don't think so.
And I doubt it was Mallen as the spelling was a bit above his level.

Mr Cross public anouncement over and out...

Thanks Dan.... Well, if that doesn't look like Phil Davies' writing style, I don't know what does....

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