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Bah, Planetarion....
Somebody is roiding me. I sent them the following message
Welcome to 38:22:21, we do hope you will enjoy your visit to our planet. Thank you also for your interest in our roids, we hope they live up to your expectations.

Sadly, due to the high demand for our roids, I am afraid my fleet cannot be here to meet you personally on collection. However, if you are disappointed by this, I am sure that arrangements can be made for it to visit you at some point in the near future.

Enjoy your stay.

You never know, he might find it amusing and pull his fleet. But I won't be counting on it :o)

In other news.... Ed is home today, being, as he is, ill. Oh well.... Must scan the stuff I wrote last night later. Not to mention getting my Programming done. Still working on the algorithm....


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