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Despite my vow never to do these....
1. What time is it? Way too early to be awake. I'm thinking it's somewhere around 11am, if indeed there is an 11 in the morning....

2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: James David Webley

3. Nicknames: James, Jim, Webley, Oi You

4. Parent's Names: Keith and Sarah

5. Number of candles on that appeared on your last birthday cake? *thinks* Um, well, it was a hash-cake for my flatmates which I didn't actually participate in, and had no candles. But in theory, of course, the answer is 19.

6. Date that you regularly blow them out: December 1st, or somewhere thereabouts.

7. Pets: Alfred, my psychotic cat who suffers from the delusion that she is capable of beating me up.

8.Height: 6'2"

9. Eye color: Blue

10. Hair color: Brown/Grey

11. Piercing: Not yet, but I have this feeling that come summer, I will have....

12. Tattoo: No thank you

13. Your job: Ha, they wish they could make me work....

14. Birthplace: Oxford, Oxfordshire

15. Hometown: Chinnor, Oxfordshire

16: Current residence: Brighton, East Sussex

17. Been in love before? Indeed I have (and very much still am)

18. Been to Africa? No, but I once looked at an Atlas. Does that count?

19. Been toilet-papering? Nope

20. Been drunk? A fair few times, aye...

21. Been toilet-papered? Nope

22. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Oh boy yeah...

23. Been in a car crash? Nothing more than a pranged bumper

24. 2 doors or 4 (on a car): 5. What? It's 'cause you have 4 doors plus the trunk - 5 doors.

25. Sprite or 7 Up: My own urine. Well, actually, I'd sooner not have any of them.

26. Coffee or Coffee Ice cream? None of the above

27. Blanket or Stuffed Animal: The latter

28. Dumper or Dumpee: Hmm... Used to always be the dumpee, in more recent times, have been the dumper. Scared shitless that the roles will reverse once more.

29. Salad Dressing: Salad? I'm sorry Mr Survey, but you are confusing me with somebody who eats salad. Silly thing....

30. Color of socks: All black, every last one. Except the navy ones. Oh, and the ones with amusing pictures on.

31. Number: Heh, you're a rather forward Survey aren't you.... Well I don't give my number out to just anybody, sorry...

32. How come? Because for all I know, you might be some crazy nutter, that's why...

33. Fave Movie: The Star Wars Trilogy, Fight Club, Blade Runner, Dune, The Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty, Blazing Saddles, plus pretty much anything with Harrison Ford in it.

34. Favorite Holiday: Christmas

35. Foods: The Ultimate Sandwich, Bolognese, Pizza, Toast, Cereal, Chocolate. That's not a selection of my favourite foods, you understand - those are the only foods I eat.

36. Day of the week: Friday. Dawson's Creek and then comedy shows on TV, stay up as late as I like, all is good.

37. Fav. TV show: Friends, Dawson's Creek, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Eastenders, Neighbours. I have no illusions about how bad many of these shows actually are, you understand, but I still like them :o)

38. Favorite Bath & Body Works scent: Raspberry

39. Word or Phrase: "Ho hum"

40. Toothpaste: Depends. At home, it's this "Theramed" stuff. At Uni, it's whatever I pick up at the supermarket.

41. Restaurant: Pizza Hut!

42. Flower: Fuschias (spelled totally wrong, I expect).

43. Least Favorite Subject: Well, let's see, I take two subjects - Math and AI. Neither of them is especially stunning right now. Unless we're talking about Subject of Conversation. In which case, the answer is conversations which incorporate the things most commonly said about me - see below:

44. What is the most common thing said about you? Oh, where to begin... Mostly, it's probably Alex and Harry's assertion that I am an "emotional retard", or that I'm "fucked up". Either way, you get the idea...

45. Color: Purple

46. Kids Names: Dane & Karah

47. One toy you'd give them: Lego, I guess. I loved that as a kid... :o)

48. Wife's Name: Jen ;o)

49. Wedding Colors: Um, probably a tux. I might look silly in a dress. So black and white.

50. Wedding Place: Blah. A certain person stole mine, which will make it look like I'm copying her. But yes, a wedding in a nice warm breeze during a beautiful sunset would be quite nice :o)

51. Sport to watch: Soccer, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Baseball

52. Sport to play: Soccer, Frisbee, Rugby (in my youth), Basketball

53. Sesame Street Character: No thanks, I'm trying to give them up...

54. Disney/Warner Bros: Hmm... Such a conundrum... Disney have furnished me with such wonderful feature films, which made up much of my childhood viewing. Not to mention Mickey Mouse et al. But then again, lately I've not been impressed with Disney's films, and Warner Bros have got Roadrunner, and other funny cartoons. Then again, Warner Bros are affiliated with AOL. So I'll go with Disney, on political grounds :o)

55. Fast Food: Burger King (for a Bacon Double Cheeseburger) or Maccy D's for Chicken McNuggets. Pizza Hut isn't fast food, but frankly, you can get it takeaway, so it deserves inclusion on the list somewhere.

56. Hospital visit? Are you threatening me? Eh? I'll get Adam on you if you are - 'e's 'ard. Um, but if we're talking about last hospital visit, then that'd be to see my grandmother a few months ago, and before then, it'd be to see my mother when she was really ill in the summer of 99. If we're talking about me and hospitals, then I'm guessing when I broke my arm. Or when I broke my brother's toes (accidentally). Or then again when my nose got broken by a member of my family I won't identify ;o)

57. What was the name of your childhood blanket? As stated, I didn't have a blanket. But I did (and still do) have a little yellow dog. Called Wo-Wo. Mind, now I have three - the original is getting kinda worn, but I have another two identical ones, so I took one of those to Uni with me.

58. How many times did you fail your Permit and/or driver license test? Don't need a test to get your provisional license, and I've not bothered to learn yet.

59. What do u think about oujuia boards? Good for resting glasses on - saves time finding a coaster.

60. Where do u see yourself in ten years? Ideally - in a nice house somewhere with Jen. Realistically? I simply don't know - I'll just follow my dreams and hope they land me somewhere nice :o)

61. Who is the last person that you got email from before this? Lollo

62. Ever been convicted of a crime? Convicted? Nope... ;o)

63. Where would you choose to max out your credit card? Right now, all it'd take to max out my credit card is a small purchase. Frankly, I could go shopping for food and max it out easily enough... But, assuming I had some money left on it, I'd max it out at a travel agency...

64. What do you do most often when you are bored? Bother people online, talk shite, wind people up, real annoyance tactics to make life more amusing.

65. What words or phrases do you overuse: "Ho hum". I also feel like I overuse "I love you", but since it's continually true, I'm not going to stop saying it...

66. Name the person(s) that you are friends with that lives the farthest: Jen, Dave, David. Also, I guess, Bri, Siggy, TMA, in fact, all the AA except Kit. He's too close.

67. Most annoying thing: About me, or thing which I find most annoying? Well, if it's about me, it may be my tendency to complete peoples' sentences for them when they pause. I dunno why I do it, but somebody tries to tell me some useless trivia, and generally if I already know it, I just complete the sentence. It's annoying, certainly, but I try not to do it. If it's what I find most annoying, it's probably people who fill their Livejournals with surveys all the time. *Looks at own Journal* Oh shit.....

68. Best thing: About me? Hmm.... The double edged sword that is the fact that I'm always thinking (no smartass comments now anybody). I swear I think more than anybody else, generally on several topics at once... About life in general? Love, or specifically, the feeling it gives you. On the other hand, both of these can be really bad at times. All the best things are...

69. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? Oh, David. Certainly. He hates these fscking things almost as much as I do. Mind, I'm doing this now, so..... :o)

70. What time is it now? 11:40. Still morning. Wish I was asleep.

71. Who is your crush? Hmm, now let me think...... Um, Jen? :o)

72. Where would you go if you could fly? Gee, I dunno... Who makes up these stupid questions anyway?

73. You do: Oh, yeah, that's right....

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simply to dispove this journal I'm replying :o) It *did* say reply not fill it out so... :oP

I know someone from you know a Richard Rodriguez by any chance?

Unlikely as it may seem, no I don't ;o)

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