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Well, I have to go to bed now. Actually, I have to go to bed 7 minutes ago. The price of being able to stay up late often and phone Jen is that occasionally, I have to do as my parents ask.

However, I still have much to say, and will say it. You can expect a letter tomorrow... Well, as in, scanned on my journal. I have to go to bed, but that doesn't mean I have to sleep :o)

For the rest of you... blah, I'll post more tomorrow...

Goodnight all. I love you...

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I'm still up, and stuff

loud music in 3 rooms


Ok, so the 'rents aren't actually at home. But that's not the point...

letters letters letters

i should write you a proper one, eh?


i love you too

so, how about a game of monopoly?

Ooh, that'd rule :o)

As for Monopoly, I dunno - are you ready to be beaten yet? ;o)

I wasn't talking about Monopoly ;o)


Moving swiftly on... :o)

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