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The Lits
Yes, it's meant to be spelled "Lits". There's a reason, but I'm too lazy to go into it. Here it is, in the order I expect to complete them in:

The James Pose
Biology Field Trip
First Days at Uni
Me and James
Meeting Online People
Michael Mullen
Trip to Ireland

I've added a final category. This one will deal with what it was like to meet Chas, TMA, Kit, Andy, perhaps Liz and Karen, David, Mitch, Jo, Laura, all these people. In real life, I mean. As in, what it was like when I first knew them in person, after talking to them online for so long.... Here's the list of who I met, in the order I met them in, I think:

Chas & TMA (same time)
David, Morg, Jon, Phil, Jo, Hannah, Mitch, Laura, Becky, Katie, Jamie (in approximately that order, too)
Andy, Kit

I think that's everybody. Perhaps somebody (i.e. David) will remind me if there's anybody else I ever met :o)

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Tell us the story of lits, Mr Webley. Tell us!

Hmm... Maybe. I might add that to my lits :o)

I'd have had you down for more than that... I've definitely lost count but it's probably around 60... could work it out I suppose. And out of them all I still speak to two of them nowadays :)

It's more than 17. The one with loads (that starts with David) had way more people. There were at least 20 of us on the first day, and I met a few more the second day. I just don't remember the names... :o)

ironically I cleared my desk a few days ago which included the original magical plan list, first person I noticed missing was Em, then Mel, can't think of anyone else to be honest, but I'm sure there must have been, there were rather alot of people :o) Ah yes, Grace aswell, you met her too, who else.... mmm not sure, I think you met Helen (Beckys friend) on the sunday, mmm, along with others though can't remember who, Sarah Castle perhaps, I foget...

Oh yes, Emily and Mel. There are reasons why I block those two out of my head, you know. They were so mean to you :o)

Grace messed Mitch up, so I have good reason to remember (and like) her.... And I did indeed meet Helen Waldron - she was the one who convinced us to go to the concert :o)

Don't remember Sarah Castle, though....

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