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I'm posting way more long posts, and fewer short ones. It's odd, normally, I would just be updating people on things as they happen, but lately, things haven't been happening in discrete little chunks - everything happens slowly, and I update giving the whole picture. But what do people want me to do?

Should I update often, with small snippets of my life, should I do as I have been doing, chucking out huge great big posts which are likely to be off-putting to readers, or should I in some way combine the two? Please give your opinions, and post them here. I'd do it in the form of a poll, but I want opinions, and reasons, not just straight Yes or No answers :o)

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In between, not little snippets cos that sucks like my journal, but not missing lots out either,
just a comprimise, if that makes sense

I feel my comment doesn't matter because I read either regardless :oP And if I didn't I'd get shouted at :o)

mmm, for others though, prolly not as long as the last post, that was quite big really, perhaps like, mmm, 2,000 word chunks or something, that sounds like a happyish medium, its like 6 sides of A4 or something...

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