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Tonight's Film Critique
I would hate to be in any way conventional here, so I'm going to bitch at Return to Oz, the poorly conceived sequel to The Wizard of Oz. Firstly, how did Dorothy get younger? That really is a groovy trick, if you can pull it off... But such technicalities are nothing compared to the plot.

It's all so damned scary. In the first one, you had a bad witch, and a good witch. See, there wasn't an overall tendency to badness. OK, so the witch wanted bad things to happen to Dorothy, but she had her friends with her, and so hey, it's all safe and nice. However, in the sequel, she starts off in a really scary mental institution or something, and things only get worse. People are trying to actually kill her, I think. That never happened before in the first one - she just wanted the slippers.

Anyhow, the point is this - there's a real inconsistency in the suitability of both films, and their themes. It worries me sometimes, you know... Anyway, that being done, onto the rest of my nonsense...

Well, so far this evening, I've been doing very little. Talking to people, and nothing much else. However, I should like to quickly point something out to certain people I know ('real life' friends)... I have a life. If we're speaking completely literally, then I am a living organism, and thus have life. But we're probably not. So let's see - work life. I have one of those. It requires me to leave my house for a large number of hours, and interact with many people. I would say that's something of a significant life. In addition, when I come home, it's not as if I sit in silence watching TV all evening. I talk to my family over the phone for about half an hour, then come online and talk to many people. Yes, apparently Internet Social Life isn't quite the same as Real Social Life. Well I'm not quite sure how that works, because I'm the same on the Internet as I am in real life, and say the same things. But I digress.... The point is that I have a life, if just doesn't conform to your criteria. But who the hell wants to conform?


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