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The James Pose
OK Martin, in the first in a series of posts describing those parts of my life that you, my readers, want to see, I shall start with this one.

The James Pose

Quite simply, this is the hand-to-chin pose that is adopted in most of my userpics.

Right, well, it all started back in Maths, at High School. It was Me, Phil and Matthew. Now, Phil and Matthew had a little ritual of always eating satsumas in maths. Don't ask why. Our class was only about 7 people large, so it wasn't like they could do it inconspicuously. Anyway, that has no real bearing on the story, but it basically describes a bit about the lessons. Anyway, when Mrs Lord (our teacher) would be writing stuff on the board, or talking to us, every now and again Matthew would start saying "Hmm", as if he was thinking very hard. Soon Phil adopted this means of lesson disruption, and from there, it was a short jump to me too.

Anyway, days and weeks passed, as they do. Let's change the scene to our Biology lessons. Determined to take advantage of this particular in-joke, myself, Phil and Oliver would do the "Hmm" thing during those lessons too. Soon, we added a "holding our chin" gimmick to go with it, along with a look of either slight puzzlement, or a far-off gaze of deep pondering.

Fast-forwarding a bit more, we come to the last few days of High School ever. In Biology, we have a class photo-shoot. Myself, Phil, Oliver and Andrew are all stood together, and suddenly, we decide to break out into The Pose. Oliver and Andrew kneel down in front of us, kinda back to back, and me and Phil stand behind them, also kinda back to back. We all do The Pose, and look thoughtful, as the camera flashes again and again :o)

More weeks pass, and I get a journal. Then I get a job. During one of my lunch breaks, I wander into town, to get a picture done in the booth at the post office. I get a large one done, but can't pull a face I like at any point. However, I then decide to just do The Pose, and see how that looks. I do it, and I like how it looks, so I scan that, and upload it. From that point on, I found that the only way I could bear to have LJ pictures was if I was posing like that. Later on, I managed to do a variety of shots of different actions, once LJ permitted multiple pictures. But I always had my default being the Holding-The-Chin, by way of saluting Matthew, Phil, Oliver and Andrew. And that's the story :o)

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i couldn't keep a serious look on my face because i was feeling all giggly


Let's hope nobody notices ;o)

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