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New Project
I have given up on AMP-T. I believe I've sufficiently annoyed them now. No Steps binaries. I have a new Usenet project at hand.

There is a small newsgroup community which has never done anything to anybody other than exist. In it, friendly, almost all adult females, discuss various aspects of life. A nice friendly place, where I can just imagine my mother being able to talk to people. But this is Usenet, and unfortunately, such places are often targetted by bad people.

Specifically, in this case, pervert assholes. I remember, about a year, perhaps a year and a half ago, being contacted by two independent groups of, shall we say, Usenet antagonists. Despite their usual uncouth nature, and disruptive behaviour, both groups were seeking to help this group overcome one particularly nasty individual. He was posting messages of an obscene nature. I subscribed, posted a few half-hearted messages flaming him to bits, and then left. The others could handle it. Eventually, one of the two groups (hereafter referred to as "The AGHLTFC lot") managed to effectively 'sort him out'. Shamed, he left Usenet, and it was hoped that he'd be gone forever.

Anyhow, the second group (the UTB) then left. But the folks from AGHLTFC stuck around, and interacted with the regulars of the group (note how I'm not naming the group for security reasons). Anyway, a few days ago (as far as I can gather), a person appeared in the group posting very inappropriate material. Stuff you can get arrested for having on your PC, as far as I'm aware. Well, perhaps. Hard to tell - it's all text, and should be protected under whatever laws protect freedom of speech. But it was instructional material, giving instructions as to how to commit a rather evil crime. Suffice it to say, the AGHLTFC lads weren't happy, and the people in the group were somewhat disturbed by this too.

Enter Adie, who I've always seen as a ringleader of the AGHLTFC lot. He contacted me over ICQ earlier, showed me a copy of the message, and I was.... well... frankly, I was sickened. The person who posted that needs locking up, and probably could be. He suggested that I pay the group a visit. So I'm now there. It's kinda odd - usually, AGHLTFC annoy other newsgroups just as much as the Adjective Army do. But in this case, they really are the good guys. I know it seems like everybody is taking Usenet too seriously, but the material this guy posted really was incredibly evil. Details won't be gone into, but suffice it to say, I have introduced myself to them, and am ready to deal out some serious flaming, as only I (and, of course, Michael O'Neill, the bastard (mind, unless you know of alt.flame, you won't know him)) know how.

So, it is time to fight the good fight and all. To defend innocent Internet users from seriously fucked up sociopathic morons. Hooray, and stuff....

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Ooh, a solo attack, none of the rest of us? *quivering lip* ;-)

Just a little project. If you want in, mail me :o)

:-D Yah? Do you think I'd be useful?

Super James!

Defending Usenet from the Scum of the Internet!

Hardly. He was just very annoying. The current campaign is against child molesters and pedophiles. Far more worthy cause.

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