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Small thing I've noticed
Many of my friends, in the biographies on their userinfo, say "But I'm boring, go read James' journal" or words to that effect. How decidedly odd - I don't think my life is any more action packed than theirs. I just write more, I guess :o)

(although lately much of it has gone into private posts, so you've not been cursed/blessed with the "writing more" :o)

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Sounds rather like mine. No wait...

As it goes, I was reading your userinfo just a few minutes ago..... :o)

I think you've hit the nail on the head... You are very gifted at writing - and are able to portray your life in an interesting fashion. Consider that a pat on the back :-Z

Hmm... That's certainly food for thought. Because, frankly, aside from the whole Jen thing, there's been very little in my life in the last month or so. I'm either conjouring up interest from the boredom of the rest of my life, or I'm writing enough of the Jen stuff to keep people interested.

Either way, it's worth further investigation.

Now go ask that girl out, you :o)

That sounds, uh, distinctly similar to my bio :-o

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