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# Bad to Worse, Bad to Worse #
Oh my bloody God, this day has been absolute shit. Let's see where to start... Well, I missed the bus. This you already know. And I couldn't get a taxi until 8:45. This too you know. However, at 8:20, my books from Amazon came - YAY! Then 5 minutes later, my cat was at the door, crying. Two slugs had been bullying her. They'd crawled up onto her food (which is left out when she's shut out for the day), and after that, she didn't want any of it. Poor thing. Anyhow, I removed the slugs, washed her bowl, and put out new stuff. I locked her in, because if I put her food out, the slugs would only come after it again...

Anyhow, my Taxi finally arrived at 8:35. Pausing only to kiss my cat goodbye and lock the back door, I ran out and got in. 10 minutes later, I'm at work. Now a little known fact about me is that I have it in me to be generous (just slightly). So we got there, and it was £6. I was in a good mood, so I gave him a tenner and told him to keep the change. Yay, aren't I good.... a good deed for the day.

Anyway, so I was fine at work. I discovered that I take approximately 4 trips to the restroom a day (yes, it's a toilet or whatever, but when you're working as hard as I am, it's a *rest* room). An average of, say, 5 minutes (including travel times) for each means 20 minutes a day. On an hourly rate of £6, this equates to £2 per day (and thus £10 per week) that they pay me to use the facilities. I like that sort of money...

Anyway, moving swiftly on. An amusing safety precaution. In a large, heavy perspex (or some similar thing, probably a lot stronger thinking about it) container they have Cadmium dust. This is not good for people. One of the things I was told in my safety training is not to bust open the case with a mallet (which is what it'd take) and eat a lot of the dust. I duly noted this down with dismay, and concentrated on the other psychotic-deviant behaviour I could to, like chiselling my head :o)

Later on I found my clothes to be shrinking. Yes, shrinking. This worried me, since I was sure I'd stopped growing at 6'1"... But it turns out that my shirt kept getting untucked simply by me moving around, because it only went about an inch into my trousers anyway. This led to some rather annoying incidents where parts of my stomach were just about showing. Naturally, all the females there were astounded by my muscular physique... (note: some parts of this account my not be entirely correct)... I'm just glad that I have no stomach... Makes it easier :o)

Anyhow, after lunch (which again was my 15 minute walk into town, buy stuff, 15 minute walk back) it was back to doing tests with the oxygen. Trying to find the recombination coefficient of water vapour when in oxygen and/or hydrogen (actually, scrap the "and" - if it were in both, it'd kinda explode). Then suddenly Microsoft Excel crashed without warning, and left me with no work. Fortunately, I had drawn the curves of best fit on my calculator, so it was a simple matter of getting my results off that (the r-squared value was .9989 or something) based on the expected values. Ho hum...

Anyway, I got home, phoned Mummy and told her all the news from today, then phoned my grandparents and arranged my meal on Weds... Finally, I get to eat proper food, rather than the crap which I appear to be cooking right now. I think tonight is Pizza night (again!). Can't wait until family get home and I can finally... well... eat. But they're having fun, which is the main thing. Alex is staying down there too, so I'm having them pass on all sorts of kinky messages (which is amusing, to say the least)... Then I go online and find that David and I have been told off for spilling our conversation into a message reply thingie... He started it, destroying my anonimity.... :o)

Time to get back to chatting to David now, I guess... Oh, and Becky, but she won't be online long... More later...

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anonymity? your as anonomous as a line of bricks doing a barn dance :o) And I don't mean small bricks either (damn I love analogies :o) )

oh well, some people don't see the humour in us fighting all the time I guess :o)

would you go as far as to say he was known?

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