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Bah, why do I react to the tiniest of things? I mean come on, it's like, nothing, and I still react to it. And no, I shan't be spelling it out for you all - it's not too difficult to figure out, if you know me well enough :o)

In other news, I'm downloading some live Stroke 9 MP3s - ah, they're such a good band.... And I found them so totally randomly, which rules. I'd get their first album, but most of the songs are the same as their second, on account of how it was kinda a practice one. But still, they'd be different versions of songs I really like, so...

Anyway, come on people, vote on my poll - I want to know what I'm to update about, and I need lots of votes :o)

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stroke 9, another one of my favourites


yay for james

Along with Lifehouse, they're one of my favourite bands right now. I was just browsing Amazon, following (as I do) a long path of "If you liked this, try this..." links. I eventually got to Stroke 9, and decided to buy the album based on a couple of customer reviews. I'd never heard a second of the music before the CD arrived, and I loved it from the start.

I have the coolest intuition. I should be a woman... :o)

"I should be a woman..."




OK, yes, I can see how that might be less good :o)

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