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Mmm, sleepy.... Slept until 3pm or so, which was nice.... Just like Uni, eh ;o)

Played Metal Gear Solid 2 on my brother's PSX2... I was very impressed, it's a great game. Graphically intensive, very playable, good fun... Yay :o)

Um, I'm still not in the most creative of moods. I don't know why that happens, but for some reason, I can't write anything more than a couple of lines on any subject. Most odd...

So anyway, right now, I'm just sat online, waiting for my pizza (which will take many hours, but still), talking to Gill, and being a lazy bum, just like normal. Ho hum :o)

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Indeed, MGS2 is a great game...

Agreed. Especially how I play it - shoot / kick / punch everything in sight. You hide too much :o)

If you ever call it a PSX2 again I'll personally slit your throat... It's a "Playstation 2". There is no X.

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