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So, my day....
Woke up from a dream about Jen with the cry "Oh Shit!" when I realised that I was back in reality. Once there, I came downstairs, got ready, and went and caught a bus to the station. I had a relatively easy trip back to Uni - I got off one train, and my next one was already at the platform, no waiting or anything... Got to Uni, I've updated about stuff there, so I'll skip that...

Anyhow, went to my room, tidied up a little, made my bed (one less thing to do when I get back), and got the trains home. Again, perfect timing all the way. My one gripe was that the last leg of the journey was on the 4:30pm train from London. Filled, completely, with execs and yuppies on their ways home to High Wycombe, all in suits, with copies of the Evening Standard in one hand and laptops in the other.... Bah. Got to the station, got a bus back home, and watched Dawson's Creek. Which rules :o)

Um, did nothing much this evening. Posted a 5.2mb binary to AMP-T to punish them for seriously pissing me off, but aside from that, not done much....


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