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Oh well, you've got to laugh haven't you...
I've got a Taxi now. Potential issues here are that it's going to cost the sodding Earth, and that it's not until 8:45. Now, while I've no doubt we can probably get into Thame by 9:00am, that's not the point. The point is that I've been trying to start work at 8:30am every day, for two reasons - firstly, that's when many of the other people start, and it'd be nice to appear to be at least there early, to offset the fact that while there I do very little. Secondly, if I get there early, I'm permitted to go early too. This has the added benefit of meaning that I can get home for 5:45 rather than 6:30. Obviously a good idea. However, now I think all I have to barter with is my lunchtime (unless something astonishing happens and my Taxi comes, like, now, which ain't gonna happen).

Hopefully, I shall be able to leave early enough by forgoing any lunch. This does, of course, mean I shall have worked 8 hours (when I'm only paid for 7.5), but it's easier than taking 30 minutes off lunch and saying "Oh, yea, I'll give up half my lunch", something which is unconvincing at the best of times (despite the fact that I've been doing that already). You know what, I really didn't need this today. I don't ask for much, on a karmic scale. Regardless of what Bri may say, I try to live life as well as I can, and be nice to people etc. I've not done anything especially cruel recently (well, except perhaps a little bit of messing with evil-ex-girlfriend's mind, but only after she did the same to me, and that was a while ago), so I don't see why I'm being punished by this ridiculously annoying day...

If my parents were home, I could at least get a lift from one of them. That wouldn't be ideal, but it'd be a lot better than the current situation, I must say. Anyhow, mustn't moan - I get to stay at home for a lot longer. In theory, by the time my boss arrived at work, I'd have been out of the house for about an hour and a half. Now I'll have only been out of it for half an hour. From my point of view, an hour away from home will represent me being just 8 hours from being at home again. Ordinarily, that would be 9 hours away. I know it's a very pathetic straw to be clutching at, it still works.... It's not like I enjoy my lunchtimes anyway, so giving it up will hardly be a crushing blow. To me, lunchtime is just a part of the working day where I happen to be not doing work - still part of work though. Right, now that I'm sufficiently annoyed, I think I'll go offline again. I hope the rest of the day gets better than this :o)