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I hate being in denial.
Just looking back at the post I did about Clea DuVall.... Heh, I told Tony that she was hotter than Jen. I hate when I do stupid things like that, just because I don't want to say things like "True, as it happens, I'm actually in love with your girlfriend and think she's far hotter", so I have to lie. And say Clea DuVall is hotter. Ugh.

I mean come on, what possesses somebody to be quite so stupid as to publicly say something that is bound to be proven to be false later? Pah.... I can be such a moron at times :o)

Hmm, this was going to be a private post, but I'm on the little update page, so that's not going to happen. OK then, public it is. What am I going to say now?

Well, I had a dream about her (Jen) last night. She was helping me with my programming. She was sat right next to me, and I could really feel that she was there. Then my mom woke me up, I realised it was a dream, and exclaimed "Oh shit!" - she will verify this. Very amusing...

So, took the train down. Didn't have to wait on any platforms, all my connecting trains were right there - the perfect journey. I managed to get my AI stuff, but the school office is closed, so I can't get my medical form thingie today. However, that's less important than the AI. Now I just have to fix my program, and I can go home. Hooray. I'll get to work on that now....

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Seek professional help...

You are not qualified to refer me to a psychiatrist.

But if you give me the number of yours, I'll think about it...

clea is pretty hot though.

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