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Right, off to bed....
I still have some work to do on my Java, I've realised. But I can do that when I get there. Hopefully, all will be good :o)

Have to get up early tomorrow, and won't be back until God Knows When. Won't get to speak to Jen until late on Saturday, by the looks of things. Bah, expect serious withdrawl symptoms, as demonstrated by my posting lots to LJ.... I'll be sat in the computing labs, working on my Java, sending a million and one messages to LJ. Nobody can stop me :o)

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goooodnight :)

dinner was boring without you


I'll be back before you know it :o)

*looks at Java*

Ugh, so many bugs. I'll be back sometime, either tonight or tomorrow... :o(

I am being really dense...but where are you going ????

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