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Oh, before I forget, this evening...
Went to the pub with Chris and Dan. Drank a pint of coke which lasted all evening, and had some chips. Heh, as far as my flatmates and family know, I hate chips. Odd. (Um, for you Americans, that's "fries").

Anyhow, had a good time. Played some pool, but I lost both my games. I am rather shite, so it's only to be expected. Dan got a lucky win against Chris (Chris downed the black, like, one ball too soon), but then got his arse kicked later on by him. Probably the first time Chris has lost to any of us in a long time (and I mean a long time back from when we all went to Uni too - he'd always win when it was the four of us).

It's kinda weird going there without Michael. We haven't got anybody with us who will chuck in the toilets, or suggest that we try to walk home (highly inebriated) along the road at midnight. Man, that mile or two of dark road sure isn't so clever to walk down. But, of course, I had to last time - Dan and Mike could never have managed it alone (they were playing in the road at one point), and needed somebody sensible with them (regardless of the 8 brandies I had in me). Oh well, it was a good laff, especially when the townies came to get Dan ;o)

Anyhow, after queueing up a load of Robbie Williams songs on the jukebox to annoy Dan and Chris (ah, "Lazy Days" is still such a good song though), not to mention a bit of Prince, I left, and let them carry on with the music. Heh.... Anyway, had a good time and all, which is the important thing.

Right then, well, I have nothing left to be doing. So it's a bit of food, then bed. Or, rather, instead of bed, it's preparing my little surprise. Should be ready for Jen when she gets home from school tomorrow. Like I said, it's really nothing, but, like, it's just a little something. If you get my meaning. See my journal for further information as it comes in :o)

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grr. you're not here. i would have bothered you until you told me what this surprise is.

well, maybe not. i love surprises :)

hey guess what!

You'd never get it out of me anyway - I'll never give in ;o)

I love you too :o)

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