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Oh shit
OK, so it's 7:55, so no taxi firms are yet open.... I'll call again at about 8:20, and pray to God that I can get the hell to work today. I'd hate to have to go in an hour late, because I'd have to work until way too late in the day to make up for that... This really is not what I need right now - as if life wasn't getting bad enough as it is.... Why do these things happen to me, eh? Why the Hell can't I have a simple life? Or, better still, why am I so encumbered by these moral things that I refuse to take the keys to my mother's car and drive to work (the whole lack of a license thing is only minor, after all).....

I cannot believe how bad today has been so far - waking up at 5am, spending tons of time just doing nothing, chatting a bit to Bri, then going to the bus stop with 10 minutes to spare, and still missing the bastard thing... It's enough to really piss a guy off.... I'd ask myself "Why didn't I go 15 minutes early?", but the simple reason for that is I SHOULDN'T FUCKING WELL HAVE TO... Buses are meant to run on time, or a bit late perhaps. But if there are no more buses through a village for an hour and a half, a bus should not, I repeat should not be 10 minutes early. Now it's fucked up my plans to get to work, and many other peoples' too I should imagine... Now I just have to hope I can get a Taxi, otherwise I shall have to call my boss and explain why I can't get in. Either that, or call in sick for the day (which I don't think I'll be doing, to be honest)... Argh, this sucks :o)


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