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Bah, sodding friends....
I've been conned into a (short) night out. Should be good for a game of pool or two.... In theory, I'll be out from about 7pm to 9:30pm.... Should be good, I've not seen Dan since he came to visit me at Uni, and not seen Chris since... well... the other day. But still....

Anyhow, been working further with my Java assignment. Sodding abstract classes, it's confusing the buggery out of me. I can do it, but I'm working on automatic, just coding without thinking. Because when it comes down to it, I don't entirely get it. Oh well, I'm resigned to only completing 50% of this one anyway, so that takes out the whole GUI part, along with the harder version of the first part. All I need do is build a few classes, and work out some rules for said classes to go in a main method.

Blah, today has been a bit boring. Lots and lots of commenting in journals and such, but beyond that, I've not been up to much. AMP-T isn't putting up as much resistance as I would like, they kinda bore me. Peter Thomas is (justly) keeping his head down, and as such, there's not much else I can do. Smarmy little pillock. I'll get him yet.

In further news, I got awarded two support points earlier for helping somebody out in the support forum thingie... The guy was asking about the Journal style I did and made public a while back, so I uploaded a file or two, and presto, all was well. It's cool having your style public, but you feel ever so responsible when people want to do things with it that they couldn't previously do.... Just wait until S2 is here - then my journal style will rock. It's already started, but I can't finish it until I know some particulars.

Well, let's see... I just sent Chris an SMS telling him that yes, I am coming out tonight. Mum has said she'll pay for it (yeah, like I can't afford a coke), so I'll be off in about an hour. Right now, it's time to go take a bath or shower - I must make myself look presentable. I have a pretty much complete wardrobe to choose from in terms of clothes to wear, so I may even spend some time sorting that out (rather than the usual method of "pick up the first things in sight").

Heh, just spent the last five seconds putting my other PC online over the network. Now, if my 800 is online, both the 450 and the 133 can go online. This is pretty neat, really.... However, without mine, I don't think the other two can share the connection. Bwahahahaha :o)

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"Bah, sodding friends...."

Why thank you. And stop logging my IP you nosey sod.

I agree whole heartedly on the abstract classes thing. They used to piss me off (of course I can't remember what one is now, but hey, I haven't used Java for about two years so I think I should be forgiven).

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