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Happy Easter
Or, rather, Ostara. Either way.... I love this, I get 8 little Pagan holidays per year, this being one of them. Then, of course, I still celebrate Christmas, New Years, Easter etc. It's not that I'm trying to capitalise on the number of holidays I get - there are different reasons for each. The Pagan ones make sense in a nature-based way. Today is the first day of spring. The next holiday is May 1st, which is effectively the first day of the new year, Pagan-wise. See, they all make a good sense. Then there's the traditional Christian holidays in this country, which I celebrate because they are nationally celebrated. I celebrate my Pagan holidays because of nature, and Christian ones because of people. It's very important to celebrate with others, in my opinion.

Anyhow, so yes, that's today. Happy joy fun fun, or something.

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now easter is about egg-laying rabbits innit? or should that be rabbi? hmmm theres like 13 disciples...among them luka (early version of george lucas) and that guy who left jesus christ superstar to form judas priest. I figure they were like that crew in armageddon that saves the world....
Ok i'll stop here, my mind explodes.

Hate to tell you this, but you're celebrating a day late. Ostara would be Tuesday, as in yesterday.

Not so. It can vary greatly, and for preference, I celebrate all my holidays on the 21st. December 21st is Yule, Ostara is March 21st, etc.

Then you have the other days. New Years on May 1st, Hallowe'en on October 31st.

And, in general, I normally cast my spells or what-have-you during the evening of each one, except May 1st, when it has to be sunrise, or not at all :o)

Okay, I'll give you some credit there ;o)

Actually does make sense. Maybe I should have rephrased, emphasizing(sp) more that yesterday was the first day of Spring. :o)

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