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Minor Transition....
I think I'm going to try posting to Usenet as "The Legendary James" instead of "The Unknown James". Just as an exercise.... After all, I'm vastly more legendary than any of the AA ever have been, I ought to reflect that by my name, as well as my actions :o)

*goes back to coding and drawing*

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Coding AND drawing? What, like coding with left hand, and drawing with right?

Won't you be more productive if you focus on one project at once?

If by "productive" you mean "bored", then yes.

Work = productive.
Productive = bored.

Therefore, yes. I am working quite hard at the minute. As you probably are aware.

(Deleted comment)
Pah, Collin didn't count.... So really, it's only Burghy that had it before me. And as his successor, it's only fair that I get his adjective too. But I'll keep mine for Bert ;o)

(Deleted comment)

j00 n3wb13 ;o)

Ask old AAers :o)

*sails to england on ferry, runs into library, takes book with adjectives, gets back to norway safely* I am a modern day viking. I have taken your adjectives. --Hey this is good: instead of burning monesterys, slaughtering women and children, we have now converted to petty theft--
I have decided to return the book, but i will take one adjective (drum roll please) PROFANE (this sound good together with profound doesn't it) well OK so I have now declared that.

We cannot have both "Profane" and "Profound" - it would lead to confusion. As such, I think we should just kick your brother out ;o)

I wont post though....Only through him, in a way am his profane sidekick.

%-) There's a local chain of 'family restaurants' here that calls their signature burger the 'Legendary Tripe O Burger'. Only someone that lives out here would think this, but I can't read 'Legendary James' without thinking of you sporting lettuce and pickle. %-)

Besides, 'Legendary' is kind of a 'well, DUH', isn't it? That'd be like calling me 'The Breathing Deb' or calling Dirk 'The Dirk With Skin'. ;-)

I know, but it occured to me that I actually am legendary, and should reflect that somehow...

You reflect it 24 hours a day, dear. ;-)

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