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Not sure about this new userpic....
I look like I'm making a funny face or something (moreso than usual).... Blah :o(

Anyway, I've had mIRC-LJ on my machine for some time now... Figured I may as well test it out.....


Well, so far, it looks good. That is all I have to say right now. Dad has gone to bed now, and I'm alone with the cat and the various kitchen appliances which will turn on during the night in order to scare me. Ho hum :o)

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oh my goodness!!

that incredibly handsome man i see in that user pic is mine? :)


I dunno about some handsome man, but I'm certainly yours :o)

that incredibly handsome man i see in that user pic is mine? :)

No, I think it's actually a picture of James...

sorry, I'm feeling evil today ;o)

*trots off to CSS*

Watch it - you're not so far away that I can't come twat you with a large bat should the need arise :o)

What the hell is twatting? :o)

It's a form of violence. Notable examples of the use of the word can be found in decent British Comedy. For instance, Red Dwarf, coining the great phrase:

"Let's get out there and twat it"

Can be used in conjunction with other little used phrasing and vocabulary, thus:

"I shall twat you smartly on the bonce with this bat"

Any questions?

Ah, righty

"I'll twat you on your twat?" WTF? Hmm. That could get weird.

You know, in "real life", he walks around holding his head.

It's a medical condition, meaning that if he lets go of his chin, his eyes will fall out and his head will slide off his shouders.

Shocking, I know.

Can you imagine day to day life with this crippling disease? Try cooking an egg whilst keepnig a grip on your chin. Try sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom.

This disease (chin-and-eye syndome, or chinnyeyetus to give it's official name) is a real problem for many people, yet still shrowded in mystery.

People like Jim who suffer from chinnyeyetus, and manage to live their lives as normally as possible (by attending university, using the computer, being outragous) are an example to all people across the globe with this uncurable disease.

Please, spare a moment for Jim and others suffering from Chinnyeyetus.

Give £2 a month, or whatever you can afford to:
The Foundation For Chinnyeyetus
SF Towers

Thank you.

This scanned from local newspaper:

Sorry, I thought you had Chinyeyetus ... not some misfortunate super glue accident.

Do, please, carry one.

Glad we've got that sorted out. I'd hate for people to go around thinking that I was afflicted with Chinyeyetus when in fact, I just have mishaps with adhesive substances....

Re-looking at this photo, you look deeply confused in the "after" shot.

Are you uncomfortable unless you are holding your chin?

Yes. See how my head was angled backwards. I need my hand there to pull it forwards. Otherwise, I am uncomfortable.

You'd think so, to look at the pictures....

Do you need to hold your chin while sleeping? Do you wake up holding your chin?

Are you sure you don't have Chinnyeyetus? Having to sleep while chin-holding is common in all cases of Chinnyitus.

Maybe you are just well-balanced enough for your head not to slide off your shoulders and your eyes not to fall out when you let go.

You could perform a test ... but it's comparible to the "dunk a witch" test of olden days (ie: you pass if you die).

*laughs* you look like that was the deepest thought you had heard in a long time. Hee hee ^_^

Would you believe - it actually was :o)

hee hee, that user pic is scary in a way, you don't know quite if you are acting deep in thought..or just have a really silly deep thought face ^_^

I lke your new userpic.

Is that a subtle hint that I should fix0r yours? ;o)

I would LIEK to take this oppourtunity to thank Scott Freeman for pointing this thread out to me. Thank you, Scott Freeman.

Its one to add to your memory LITS.

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