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Further infamy. It's all rather funny, actually...

So CSS are pissed off, and they're pissed off at me the most. Despite Tony and Dave's rather more annoying methods (of cascading them to death), I (who haven't posted much there) am to blame, apparently.

I can see why, though. For starters, I happened to invent the cascade phenomenon that is the "I don't think I like your attitude" and derivatives. First in AFAA (as I recall), then I took it with me to AGGTA. And then they used it on CSS, and half their regulars left. Well fuzzle to that, it's not my fault that they abused the idea behind it.

Then there's my "Presence". See, I dunno what it is about me, but there's something special there. Whatever it is that allows me to command an entire army of intelligent independent people, that also just happens to mean that I am perceived as a leader in all situations. I know I'm not a born leader or anything, but I do seem to come across as one. I command 30-odd highly trained idiots people, and always get the blame for everything I'm in the presence of.

In short, everybody pins everything on me. It's happened many times before, and it's happening again. But for an attention seeker such as myself, that doesn't bother me :o)

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Never once wondered. It's pretty obvious...

After all, who better for a leader than the person everybody already blames? It saves the rest of you from getting any flak, and of course, since I never command you to do anything anyway, it works out well for you :o)

"Despite Tony and Dave's rather more annoying methods (of cascading them to death)"

Me? : )

innocent look

Are you sure? ; )

And anyway, I've stopped now. : )

Good. Cascading is bad. I may have invented that one, but I never used it to the extent you and Tony did...

You just created it, dear ... someone had to make it into an art form. 8-D

I thought it was a beautiful thing. Think of the first word that comes to your mind. *evil grin*

I've stopped too -- juggling OE and slrn gets confusing, not to mention OE's suckiness ;o)

Don't worry about them, we'll take care of them. ;)

I didn't do nuffin. Honest.

You'd think a load of speccy lovers would be a little more resolute though. I mean it takes some kind of fanatical dedication to be waiting 15 minutes to load a game in this day and age :-)

five minutes at most shurely ...

-- neuro

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