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Good Morning World
Wow, it really is rather early, isn't it.... And I've already been up almost an hour (probably more than an hour when I finish writing this), which is like totally not good... Anyhow, after lots of crying from the cat (who wanted to go out - tough luck), I finally got to sleep. Had a funny dream involving my brother standing on my guitar, so I slapped him repeatedly in the forehead. It was all rather weird, really... Other things featured, such as an aquarium, and a load of rather strange stuff involving exams, but generally, I've forgotten lots of it. What I do remember has, as always, been written down and immortalised.

My current opinion is that listening to Green Day and Pearl Jam is good (and all UK Play are offering me is Stereophonics with Tom Jones - ugh). This opinion may well change though... Oh well, such is my life - never can stay with one thing for more than about 5 minutes (although I must say this journal has lasted over a week now, still with long updates each time - perhaps this has tapped into the part of me that Usenet did - the part that doesn't get bored)... Anyway, having read David's most recent update (12:17am - lucky git doesn't have to work), I'm a little confused on a few things. What is it that he'd made a bad judgement on, and why didn't he tell me? Unless it's not even appropriate for me to hear, in which case, I shall have to tell him off for leading a life separate from me :o) And what was it that was "said before relating directly to" him... Something Jon (all-time greatest shit-stirrer in the world) has been saying?

Anyway, so I got up at about 5:10am after being unable to get back to sleep (over an hour before my alarm was due to go off - life simply isn't fair). So I got up, and the cat immediately wanted feeding. So I've fed her, and am now sitting online looking at my empty contact list - the only people online are Joel Steudler and Charles. I've spoken to Joel all of once ever (despite being on his visible list), so I won't be starting a conversation with him.... And Charles is always online, and almost certainly isn't there, so.... Oh, Joel just went offline anyway.... Oh well. If Charles does, I'll see an empty contact list for the first time in years...

Just went outside - it rained in the night, and you can really smell it. All the flowers in the garden and the general feeling of rain makes it really nice out there. Shame that in a little over two hours I'll be stuck inside the factory for a further four and a half hours... Strictly speaking, I do enough overtime there early on and during lunch to leave at about 4:15pm, but even then I'd only get home at the same time as leaving at 5:15pm, so there's little point in going early...

I've just finished my box of smarties, leaving only a single packet of wine gums left from yesterday's little shopping spree, which is quite an achievement. Those will no doubt get eaten on the bus to work. Oh, that's another thing, the buses really annoy me. Why don't they do one that gets in sometime around 9am, eh? Right now, I have to leave the house at 7:45am, to catch a half hour bus to the town 4 miles away, getting me into work at about 8:15am every day. Now, while doing this extra time allows me to leave earlier than I would normally have to, I still find it annoying that I have to leave so early in order to get there. The next bus leaves at 9:30am, and gets there at 10:00.... Obviously this is far too late (and if I went in then, I'd be finished at 6:30pm every day - not good), so I'm stuck with the early morning option.

Right, OK, now I think it's time for me to eat my breakfast, and try to hold down these smarties I've eaten. It was probably a bad idea..... More later (perhaps even before I leave...)

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the bad judgment call was something you brought to light (and something I'd forgotten about) in a chat with someone, that should make enough sense.

Nothing to do with Jon at all, hes not stirring anything, something that came out of same conversation as before that concerns me a little, but its not really significant

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