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It's snowing....
But you can't really see it from this picture...

Ho hum... And what do people think about my hair - needs cutting? Here's how long it is at the back - I don't think it's overly long at all...

Um, that is all right now.... Got bored with the webcam :o)

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cut your hair and thats all I have to say.

Get your hair cut

You just enjoy ignoring that opinion, don't you? ;-)

I'm ignoring that opinion until a certain somebody also voices it ;o)

AH, of course ... *laughing* 8-D

See, James, that must be the vote you were waiting for! 8-)

No. You are not the one.

I feel small and insignificant. Again.

hmm... rhymed accidentally, how about that?

cut it in two weeks

two weeks, i say


but it doesn't matter to me

because i like it either way

Re: hmm... rhymed accidentally, how about that?

OK, sounds OK to me :o)

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