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Right then....
Back to post monkey status, now that my parents and siblings are in bed and I can post freely without feeling suffocated.

But it's late. So I'm going to bed.

Hey guess what! ;o)

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What? ;-)

And is it just me, or did you never tell us how things went with your parents?

You are right he never told us..later, unless I die from too much work and pmt and tiredness.:-(

Ah thank you, I feel better now. ;-)

shit....i pressed the random button and your journal came up. thats like 1 in 80000 now innit? Shit...Anyway i got all the answers on your quiz it was soooo easy :-)

Yeah, about 1 in 80000....

*checks quiz*


Heh, now yours are certainly the funniest answers to that thing. I expect you knew a good deal of them though. I hope you got the Pixies one, anyway :o)

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