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Right then, quiz for y'all
Spot the lyrics. The winner gets a serious prize, because these are impossible without cheating. A less great prize (but a prize, regardless) is available to the person who gets the most, if nobody gets them all (and you can't get them all without being me, or cheating), once every single one has been guessed correctly by somebody. Tell me the title and artist, if you would.

"Ease away the problems of the day, the girl chose the guy that makes you wanna kick and scream"

"We're unstoppable, 'cause we know just what we are"

"Your scathing tongue is not the one I need any more"

"I'm living for the only thing I know"

"I think you are blind to the fact that the hand you hold is the hand that holds you down"

"No, my child, this is not my desire"

"No, my child, this is not my desire"

"Might as well, day is long and nothing is wasted"

"The faces change but it's still the same"

"You say that it's all my fault, well I don't need to know"

"My Girlfriend is like magic in my hand, when I lose my sparkle she's the only one that understands"

"I keep looking for something I can't get, broken hearts are all around me"

Damn, I repeated a question. OK, in that case, you have to answer that one twice. You get double marks for it, since it's a really hard one :o)

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all those sound so familiar, but i don't know what they are! they're prolly songs i really like but don't know the words too..when do i get to find out the results? = )

The results will be revealed once somebody wins. It'll take a while, and after a few days, I'll just give the prize to the person with the most correct (which, at the minute, is 1, last time I checked :o)

What exactly is "cheating?" I could get most of them after a bit of 'net reasearch...

Research is kinda cheating....

... mind you, I doubt research will get all of them. I tried to find a couple with research, and couldn't.

well, i got a bunch of them.

but i cheated and researched.


but i did know "No, my child, this is not my desire".

all the others required research tho...

I got one, but dunno if it's right.
I am pretty curious now though...
and hey, I cannot even know them all... but I have a good excuse, English is not my mother-tongue ;D

creativity should be awarded. So I won that one hands down. I want a Fender Jazzmaster. A 70's model will do, but it has to be a solid colour, with a painted head. Thank you James.

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