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I have this problem. I find it hard to update my journal at home. I dunno why.... At Uni, I'm fine with it though. Anyhow, let's see....

Conversation with my parents about my life and stuff is still pending. I'll go find out about that now....

*goes to find out*

Oh, it's now. Back soon :o(

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Maybe it's because they are looking over your shoulder and you don't feel comfortable?

Yah, that was what I was thinking too ... it's got to be pretty hard to feel the same freedom to express yourself when you're back around parents ...

specially when you know they all read your journal...

... which is his dad and alsohis little sister

Um.. oh.. (waves to them) you're watching too.. er.. hello :)

and his brother don't forget!

Yeah, no pressure here at all, James.


thank goodness my sister is too silly to figure this thing out, my dad doesn't know about it, and my mom and step dad are afraid to read it anyway

i only have problems posting if my friends are around watching me type

i really don't think this conversation is going to be so bad, unless you decide to be difficult :)

I'm afraid to read it half the time too ;o)

See, that's the odd thing - I have problems just knowing there are other people in the house. It's weird, I don't deny that. I just feel watched, even though I'm not.

It wasn't the greatest conversation, let's just leave it at that. 3am bedtimes are now, apparently, out of the question...

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