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Serious Question
On the grounds that this site was offline for like a week just now (YMMV), just wondering - those of you who still use this thing, why?!!

I mean seriously, the site is a f'king joke these days, unreliable, full of spam, and run by people who give even less of a shit about you than Facebook (and that's saying a lot).

So seriously. What the f'k are you thinking?

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I think a fair amount of people on here give a shit about me. I also have the last near eight years of my life documented here. I like the format. I can't think of a site that offers the same sort of platform without the downsides. So I stay. And I enjoy.

It's the Internet, content is mobile.. I have twelve years (ish) of my life here, but I also have it in other places. Given the relative stability of the platform, the thought that "my whole life is here" would be more likely to worry me than encourage me to stay..

What other places do you have your content backed up?

I've got all my entries and comments stored in a WordPress blog (self-hosted), scrapbook images in a couple of places (some on FB, others elsewhere), and everything sitting in a .zip file somewhere.

Not including anything I've done on LJ in the last year. But that's basically nothing anyway, so no harm done there... :o)

That sounds fairly sensible. How does one go about backing up their LJ into a .zip file? This sounds like something I should have done a long time ago.

I'm not entirely sure how other people do it.. There are definitely Export options built into LJ (and some third party clients), but I just used the code that backed up entries and comments from AMA, and just used it on my own journal. That's how I got everything into WordPress too - it just dummies up all the posts and comments based on the content that's been pulled out of LJ..

This lets you back stuff up one month at a time, though obviously that doesn't necessarily help very much if you have a reasonable time period to get...

I've always used LJ Book for backing up.

This is perfect! Thank you very much.

Has it been down for a week? I've noticed issues here and there, but not down for a week.

I like LJ. I like the people here. I like the platform. I also understand why LJ has been going down and I support those who are using it as a way to speak freely.

The outage duration varied by region - the DDoS stuff was mostly coming from UK and Russian IPs, so those countries were effectively blocked for nine days or something crazy like that.

Presumably "your people" are not seen as a threat :o)

I guess the reason it's been going down is part of my sense of disconnection from the platform - it used to be a guy in the US who'd built a site so that he and his friends could blog, before blogging became tedious and ubiquitous in equal measures.

These days, from what I can tell, new features are deployed to one of two audiences - users of the Cyrillic version of the site, and the readers of ONTD. The site in general has rather stagnated, which would be fine if it was at least stable.

I get the whole freedom of speech thing, but the way I see it, it's like my favourite pub has been taken over by a landlord who has a very public attitude of "fuck the mafia". I admire the sentiment, but it doesn't do anything to encourage me to patronise said pub. We live in a world now where there are parts of the Internet that are as good as immune to DDoS attacks. Facebook and Twitter don't go down just because some Russian dictator's buddies are pissed off about what's being said there, and a personal blog, self-hosted, will in general not attract that sort of attention either.

Which leads me to conclude that LJ simply doesn't have the scale to cope with the consequences of the content that it hosts. For a service that I paid for to be so ill-equipped to handle its day to day responsibilities to users, vs the (obviously soulless but nevertheless) free alternatives....

Over time, I've pruned my "to actually read" list of journals down to pretty much one active user. For the site to not even be able to support me in such a simplistic aim just feels completely absurd...

i go where the hot chicks are

except pintrest. those bitches be crazy.

I've been able to log in every day, although some days it has taken a little longer than usual for the page to load.

I just stick around for AMA and as a middle finger to the Russian government.

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