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(no subject)
LJ Like - surely the death of LiveJournal as a credible platform..?

I mean this purely from a technical point of view - it looks very much like they've decided that they can't be bothered with the idea of post metadata any more, and instead they're going to drive options through leaving tags littered through each individual entry.

To me, that just seems completely flawed as a strategy, and leaves you with all sorts of stupid features knocking around just littering what's supposed to be content.

So rather than actually building an extensible set of metadata and post options, and asking clients to query against it periodically to update the set of options they make available to users, instead they expect you to remember various code snippets which switch things on and off.. Meanwhile, presumably they just build addon after addon to parse entries for the various options you might have dropped into the code?

Surely it makes more sense to actually build support for social recommendations into the site itself, and have entry-level options to enable / disable those features (which could equally apply to comments). Instead, they're heading down a route that it's hard to get out of - building custom functionality in the most work-around way possible, which only clutters the site usability and codebase.

If the recent downtime wasn't sufficient to make it obvious that LJ is no longer the place to be, the cowboy coding would have done the trick...