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(no subject)
And another thing..

Just watching Top Gear, and for the second week running there have been these little inoffensive references to Mexico / Mexicans.

It puts me in mind of school, when the bully is beating up some little kid and gets caught out by the teacher. The bully turns around and says "Oh no, this is just how we are, the two of us", and proceeds to give the little kid a few nudges, a fake punch here and there, as if to demonstrate that it's always innocuous and friendly banter.

And you know what, it doesn't work then either, because the teacher saw him beating the kid up, so any pretense after the fact at how the relationship is one of innocent well-meaning joshing only serves to make the bully look stupid, and to reveal that the bully thinks the teacher is stupid too.

Or, in this case, Clarkson obviously thinks that the public will be persuaded that Top Gear is only mildly and lightly offensive to Mexico if he can just mention it enough, and seems unable to grasp the fact that we're not stupid.