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Finally killed it
On my mother's advice, I flushed the evil fungi creature down the sink. To my horror, it was too large to fit down the plug hole, so I filled the sink with boiling water, and let it drain through. When I came back, the abomination had gone. Either it disintegrated and went down, or the heat just pissed it off, and it's now hiding waiting for me, to kill me.... But I think it's probably that it's dead. Now I'm just disinfecting the container it grew in. I've decided that a career in fungi and such is probably not an option...

Anyhow, although I won't be winning any prizes for conservation of species and such, I have at least made my kitchen hygienic again (I'm sure I spelled that word wrong), which is good for, like, my meals and stuff. Anyhow, first day back at work after my weekend tomorrow, so I've had to set my alarm.... 6:15am ought to be early enough for me to do everything I need to... (which includes posting here, obviously)

Well, right now David is causing havoc with my attempts to remain anonymous around here, and Chris et al are drunk and printing out pornography at Mike's house. Fun, I'm sure... Odds are they're staying the night there, so I can probably expect phone calls at 3am. The study phone will be unplugged, I think. Either that, or I'll just leave the computer online overnight to block their calls. Whichever I do, they won't be disturbing my sleep thank goodness.

I'm rather sad right now - this marks the last evening when I can just sit around updating lots. For the next 5 days, my free time goes down to 5 hours per night, part of which has to be spent feeding the cat, feeding me, watering the plants, and general chores which I'd rather not bother with... Right now, the cat is chasing things on the stairs, and jumping up in order to catch them. I don't care how good her balance is, if she starts to tumble down those stairs, she's in trouble :o)

Anyhow, it's probably time for bed for me..... Goodnight everybody :o)


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