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Went to COGS. Unfortunately, the blasted place was locked. Tried multiple entrances, but to no avail. Oh well, I have to come back to the university to submit my programming assignment this coming week, so in theory of course I can just pick the papers up then. Much better.

Um, quick recap, don't know if I mentioned before - to do my AI assessment I need some papers. Specifically, I need the assignment sheet which tells me what to do. Hence wanting to go to COGS.

Anyhow, additionally, I need a doctor's note to hand in my programming assignment, which means that I need to go to actually see the doctor. Not easy, since the place is also closed. Turns out that everywhere is closed at the minute. Oh well. So anyhow, I've written a letter which I'll give them, explaining my situation and whathaveyou.... Blah...

Anyway, I'm packing now. I won't be online again until I'm home and set up there, whenever that might be. Talk to you all later :o)


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