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My friends
Oh, how I miss the fun they have sometimes... Not tonight though - tonight, they allowed me to take part in their piss up by phone. I got to experience the belching, the mindless giggling, and the (drunk) dog talking to me. Fun.

Then I found out they had an ulterior motive. They wanted to keep me offline. I'd be fine with that, only they were doing it by putting the dog (which they'd been feeding beer) on the line. I wasn't having this. I told them I'd dial up, and they dared me to. So I put them on hold, got me a dial tone, and dialled up. I'm probably being charged for a three way call right now or something, but hey, so what... Right now, they're either still on hold (they probably haven't noticed time elapsing - Grant is the only one who (as per usual) isn't drunk), or they're leaving me abuse on BT Callminder (in which case, Mike's phone bill is increasing somewhat)... I shall investigate now :o)


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