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Here we go...
Dead James,
Your end of term reports confirm that you have attended no mathematics workshops this term and none in the latter half of the autumn term. You have not responded to any of my requests for you to come and see me and I am obliged now to begin the process of withdrawing your status as a student at Sussex.

I propose to delay this process until the beginning of next term (which starts on April 23rd) because our records show that you did, in fact, attend the mid term tests in February and so, presumably, consider yourself still on the course.

My problem is that as you have made no contact with me I have no idea whether you are coping well and, without our help, expect to pass the exams in June, or whether you have been on a downward spiral of increasing detachment from your studies since November 2000 or, perhaps, lie somewhere in between. I have had a lot of experience in helping students get back on the rails and would be very willing to help or to offer advice as to your options now but cannot do so without come contact from you.

Please respond now and also plan to come and see me on Monday 23rd April. If I do not hear from you or see you at the start of term then I will start the process of deeming you withdrawn which process will terminate your status as a student by the end of May.

Yours sincerely, yadda yadda
There we go then.

A few points. I never received any requests to go see him. They may well be in my pidgeon hole, which is kinda my own fault. However, they have not once used e-mail to contact me. On the first day at University, they explained that while we have pidgeon holes, e-mail is more often used for messages. I have checked my e-mail address every day, and nothing. I should have checked my pidgeon hole, true, but they perhaps ought to have e-mailed me before writing to my home.

Additionally, they accuse me of non-attendance. Well, that's true, really. I've not been going to much. But I've been going to some things, which they have failed to acknowledge. And I was told by my Stats tutor that I didn't have to go if I wasn't having problems. Well I've not yet had problems. Bah... They ignore the fact that I go to these things. And my attendance last term wasn't so bad. BAH....

Plus, the lack of contact thing includes not seeing my personal tutor. I can't help that though - I was meant to see him this week, but have had the flu. I could hardly go see him :o(

Anyhow, it's quite reassuring - he says that if I talk to him, things will be sorted. That's what I intend to do. And if that doesn't work, William, we'll go occupy them :o)

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thank goodness you've not been thrown out. i know it happened to lewis and he's out working making a ton of money... so it wasn't so bad for him. think about it, if you had been thrown out, you could have come to america and worked over here.


Well that's always my backup plan. It's either Uni then America, or getting kicked out and go straight there.

Wow, you've got like nice tutors n stuff.

My tutor didn't really give a shit about how I was doing (I didn't attend workshops or anything either, but did they care?). Everytime I went to see him when things had started to go wrong he always made me feel like I was taking up his time and should just have quit the university. In fact he even suggested at one point that I might be better suited going to Coventry University instead. Nice guy. No he wasn't, he was a complete gimboid, but it wasn't his fault. I think it was University policy that all engineering tutors had to have 4foot planks inserted in their rectums before they could start their term of employment.

Anywho, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, it's good that this guy wants to see you, so go on then. I mean you don't want to end up like me. No degree, unemployed for a looong time sitting and waiting for (oo what is it now..) 8 days to find out if you've got an interview for the one job that slightly inspires you, know if you had a degree you'd have heard by now.

But then you're smarter than me so you'll sort yoursen out ;-)

My tutor sucks. He seems to really hate me, and I've only ever met him twice. The letter is from the sub-dean, a much nicer person, who is bloody good at what he does, and comes across very well. Great bloke. My personal tutor, on the other hand, sounds pretty much like your one was :o(

And I hate people who say "You don't want to end up like me" - these people are often not so bad. My dad does it too. I'd not mind ending up like either of you - I can see much worse people I could become...

And I can be dumb when I want :o)

Damn it, there goes my chance to tell you that you don't want to end up like me either. ;-)

No, we're not bad people, your dad and Simon and I (and if you remember my own sorry story, I had to quit school at the end of Grade 10, which - in age at least - is roughly equivalent to leaving after your GCSE's, except here you haven't 'finished' anything - you're a dropout, a complete loser, no matter HOW intelligent you are), and we've managed to do quite well for ourselves (I can almost see Simon cringing at that one - you haven't had your chance yet, love, but I have no doubt you'll do very well).

The point is, love, that even though uni is absolutely brutal, it's nothing compared to how difficult it is to make a success of yourself without an education, regardless of how enterprising or bright you may be. You work twice as hard to get to the same point as people that have that nice little piece of paper proving they know something, and you spend your entire working life in terror of those people nudging you out of your job. For all the lip service employers pay to the 'value of experience', they don't mean a word of it, unless they're looking for an easy lie to tell a young person when they don't want to hire him. ;-)

Seriously, the world shits upon the uneducated with an indecent amount of glee. Okay, if you don't want to hear that you don't want to be like me, let's put it this way .... DO you want to spend the next few years doing crap jobs, then have to go back to school at the ripe old age of 27 so you can get a 'real' job? And because you haven't any savings from those crap jobs, you have to KEEP WORKING the entire time you get your degree and have it take over 10 years to get it? Unless you enjoy having your doctor give you a yearly lecture on the danger of having a nervous breakdown, probably not.

*great big hug*

James, school sucks and there's no denying that. But life sucks worse without it, and you're much too intelligent and too nice to spend the next 15 years (until you're my age) being crapped on.

Right, I'll stop being an old fart now. ;-) Go to uni, please, and get your degree ... and then you can tell your professor to go shag a syphillitic sheep. :-) *HUG*

well now I'm all depressed..

I bet someone on here knows where James is at. How about we all pile round his house and beat him senseless unless he gets a 2-1? How about we just beat him senseless anyway? (no offence James, but I could really go for hitting something right now, and I'd rather it was someone who's likely to forgive me afterwards lol)

*HUG* Don't be depressed, you're already smarter and better-educated than me, love... and I wasn't just trying to make you feel good, you genuinely WILL do very well indeed, I have no doubt at all!

[besides, I was trying to make James depressed 8-) ]

Yeah, there's a plan, we'll go stomp on James until he gives in. Or we get bored. Whichever happens first. ;-)

Don't worry about me, just having a whinging session :-)

And I guess finding a job is all about finding an elightened employer (which I think GW is, fingers crossed).

What we need is an energiser bunny armed with a baseball bat. Then we could just sit and watch while we improve James' chance in life. Are we great people or what? lol

Oooh, I LIKE that!!! Cricket bat, though, more civilised, more English.

And it has that thin side to it that can really do some serious damage too. 8-)

Can't you stomp on me for a bit longer until I get a first?

Anyhow, who's to say I'll forgive you for hitting me? I didn't last night, did I :oP

*pound, pummel, kick*

Let me know when I can stop, I wouldn't know what a 'first' was if it bit me (and if it's going to do so, can I at least have some say on where it bites???).

ah but last night was different. You weren't complaining none so shut you're whining.

How about we just keep beating you till you have a phd? It'd do my stamina a world of good, that's what, 5 years away? ;-)

Hmm, that's distressing ... I answered this one a short while ago but this actual REPLY of yours still hasn't made it to me by mail.

If I've been 'ignoring' anything else from you, my apologies, I evidently haven't been getting everything ...

I've not been posting much this evening, so you ought to be safe. I've been less than prolific :o)

Good, you need your strength. *HUG* ;-)

I'll stomp, kick, jump, whing, talkk to you nonstop till you reach (yuk) your FULL potential (yukky phrase). All thru love of course.

what do you want, address phone numbers? beating sounds fun :o) Mind if I try to beat him up I get the feeling that hes rather bigger than I am (well no I don't get this feeling, I *know* hes taller than me :oP )

bugger :o)

its not that bad I don't think, it was about the same thing I got with MGS 6th form (only without the none attendance stuff) and they basically were all up for getting me "back" as it were, it seems to be written in the vein that he wants to get you sorted out and back into the course, and to be honest, we have kinda expected someone to say something sometime about this havent we. Its not exactly wonderful but its nothing drastic, just go sort it out.

I feel calmer now...

Ok, speak to you soon, glad you still have to slog it out too.

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