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Well, clean kitchen!
Yes, I actually did it. I went to the sink, took all the dirty dishes, bowls, and assorted knives and forks, and put them in the dishwasher. Hurrah! Now they'll be cleaned overnight, and I won't have to worry. The exception to that was the Box. Somehow, the lifeform(s) that was/were growing in there have now adapted to an aquatic life, capable of standing high pH and temperature. They seem to be thriving. I think it's time to drown them in salt next... Lowering the water potential to the point where they start losing water, and are unable to take it up. I just hope it doesn't make them angry....

Right now I'm feeling somewhat ill. I think it has something to do with being malnourished, and the fact that I've been eating lots of sweets. I don't think that was a good idea. Please, if I talk about doing that again on here, please leave me a message on this or ICQ, warning me about how stupid that would be. I do not want to be feeling ill....

Right now, I'm engaged in a battle of wills between David and a bottle of Archers. One of them wants me to drink it, the other wants me to put it away. So far David is winning, but only because he's much louder.....

But I'm being good. And not drinking it. Not before Friday, anyway. Now, I think, back to reading other peoples' journals...

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Getting insight in other people's lives like this by reading their journals strikes me as the behavior of a peeping tom. However, this concept seems to be the general idea of this service in the first place so I guess it's ok.

*leaps into other journals in desperate attempts to find something interesting*

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