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Nuts to Them
Heard back from my Further Programming lecturer. Apparently, I can't get an extension from him, without providing a doctor's note and stuff. Well, I'll try to do that, but I won't worry if I can't - this piece is only worth 25% of that course, and my first piece was my 76% or so one - that means that even if I score 0 for this one, my average for the coursework on this course is almost 40% anyway. And the pass mark is either 40% or 30% - either way, I'm not doing badly.

Now, back to sleep. A few things to comment on later include: Man at the window, photos, drawings, the caravan, stuff that won't be done, going home.... Righty-ho :o)

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And people say my school is lax (where a pass is 50%)

A pass here isn't good enough - 70% is what you need to get for anything you do to have any value. A pass just keeps you in the place.

Similar. 50% is a pass, but I need to keep my academic average above 65% to not get kicked out of the place.

what year r u in in university?

First year

i was just curious
grades dont really count in the first yr
passing is all u have to do
thats why everyone goes out all the time
well, in my college anyways

I know, but it'd be nice to pass the first year with a good grade.

Right now, I don't even know if I'll make it to the third term, let alone the second year.

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