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Blah, time for bed again
Tired once more, so I'm off to bed. Just brushed my teeth yet again - the bloody apple juice diet isn't doing them much good, it's too sugary, and I'm not washing them off with meals (not the best way of washing ones teeth, but it gets the sugar off). So I have to keep brushing them, lest they go all icky, or indeed fall out. I went through years of pain to get them straight, then they went kinda out again (not by much, and only if you look straight on), and I'm buggered if I'm going to let them fall out.

Anyhow, tomorrow is my day for getting ready to go home. Perhaps I'll phone somebody tomorrow afternoon (well, afternoon in VA anyway) if she tells me what time is good for her - it'll be my last chance to call for a while, unless I do it from home. Which I could, I guess, but I'd have to be far more careful about my spending time on the phone with my parents there. Ho hum....

Wonder if I can have pizza hut when I get back home......... :o)

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I'll take you for a Pizza Hut when I get home if you fail before then. Glad you feel better. Later Becca xxx

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