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Bah.... I launched my fleet at a planet, but his galaxy was good about defending him. They sent me this:
We know you are attacking with 500 Daggers and 500 Astropods.

We are defending as needed with 3132 Ghosts, 3192 Daggers, and Donated enough metal to have 2000 PDS Lasers built.

Your choice, the Ghosts and PDS lasers will wipe you out in one tick BEFORE you can even get a roid... is this really worth it?

So naturally, I responded like so:
You know what - I can think of things I'd rather do with my fleet than find new and exciting synonyms for "cannon fodder". Withdrawn :o)
I think they were bluffing about the laser PDS, but I didn't want to risk it. The ghosts would have wrecked most of my fleet anyway...

Blah :o)


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