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(no subject)
Real life e-mail conversation (if paraphrased):

J: Could you reset my password on System B?
IT: I've reset your password to X.
J: No, you've just reset my password on System A - I need System B reset.
IT: System B has been reset.
J: I still can't get on to System B - can you have another go?
IT: I've reset your password on System A.
J: No, I need you to reset my password on System B
IT: Your password has been reset.
J: I'm getting error Y.
IT: A minute ago you were querying System A, that is a System B error. I have reset your System B password.
J: Thanks, that works fine. But now I can't get onto System A - can you reset that password?

See, in all, she reset my System A password anything up to six times, and I can't guess which one of them she actually left it as.

I think my father would have been proud of the amount of swearing that took place a few minutes ago...

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I take it that it's a "no go" to have them set as the same thing? I'd be screwed.

Well, I can have them set as the same thing, but I hadn't set one up at all for System B at that time...

Oh, also, some systems require mixed case, others require numbers, others require that passwords are at least 8 characters long, others require that they are no more than 8 characters long, and all of them expire your password periodically and require you to set a new one, but all operate to slightly different periods.

Which means that right now I have about five work passwords to keep track of, perhaps six, in addition to my five or so home passwords.

It's not easy :o\

It was probably just a BOFH messing with you for shits and giggles.

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