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(no subject)
This morning, I validated two theories.

The first is that if on my way to the bus stop I see the bus go past, then I do have the time to turn back, cut through the alleys, and get to the next bus stop before the bus arrives there. It's a comfort to know that this is possible, since I really hate seeing the bus go by without being able to catch it.

The second theory is that I'm not yet well enough to be sprinting 200m for the bus. At least I think it was residual flu, rather than general unfitness, that was the problem. The desire to be sick afterwards was certainly heightened by the need to cough, as per my last remaining symptom.

I'm confused at the distance - I measured it on Google Maps, and calibrated their path distance tool against a running track to make sure it's measuring correctly, and it was definitely 200m. It felt like I ran it in about ten seconds, so it's entirely possible that I've set a new world record, and probably ought to challenge Mr Bolt to a little race or something....

Either way, it reminds me of something that's very important to me - however unfit I might be, I don't know I'm unfit. The day I stop running up the escalators on the tube, or give up sprinting for the bus, or decide not to randomly throw myself into six mile cross country walks, that's the day when there's a problem. Until then, I at least stand a chance of getting back to an acceptable level of fitness.

In related news, I have a £500 Halfords voucher with which to buy a new bike, lights, safety equipment, lock, etc. TMA, want to find me something worth buying? :o)

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Sounds alright - £400 to £450 will get you a half-decent bike if you're careful. Is this part of the cycle to work scheme?

As to what to buy, depends on what they have. Is there a Halfords Bikehut near you? They recently got much less shit than they used to be - I gather the bikes they sell now even have hollow tubes.

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