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(no subject)
I actually had a good night last night.. I think..

Made sure to have the window open to keep the room cool, and managed to turn the obsessive thoughts that pop up into trying to work out how best to regulate my body temperature.. The hallucinations were more about how my bed was a piece of real estate, and I had to keep it cool, and in good order..

It seems to have worked, anyway, because I didn't over-heat at all, and actually got some proper sleeping done.. Dare I wonder if maybe I'm over the worst of it now..?

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I think this needs your "i have sars" tag. :P

(Deleted comment)
Absolutely, keep doing what you're doing. That was me with my User hat on, not my Mod hat. You're completely entitled to your view, and entitled to express it without worrying about getting kicked out for it.

So it's all good :o)

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