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Hallucinations are no fun.. In the shower just now, as the water ran down the back of my neck, I wondered if maybe I could grow some gills and "reproduce aquatically".

Then I started thinking about the "Five Core Values" that I believe in (the what?), which must have been a fevered product of this afternoon's nap (sponsored by random aspects of Star Trek Voyager).

I keep on getting into situations where I over-heat, and my brain stops working properly :o\

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That does sound fun, though!

make sure you don't violate the prime directive.

I have already violated his prime directive...

The brain is so fascinating, especially the things it makes us think sometimes.

Hope you'll feel well soon.

I don't know when you got sick or what day you are on exactly. I know that my day two-and-a-half into day three were freaking insane. Much with the improperly working brain. That said, day four was today and while I forgot my camera for my first day on the job (wtf, Jenna), I am mostly human. Mostly. Brain is still occasionally oozing out of my nostrils and I can't really smell or taste anything but I'm not dying. Which is good, I'm told.

Try a little harder to feel better. I demand it.

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