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(no subject)
Please accept the following list of defects as a complaint:

1. Throat sore, also slightly ticklish, makes me cough more, thus more sore

2. Neck sore also. Not fun.

3. Head feels hot and stuffy. Basically, everything about the shoulders is fucked.

4. Legs feel slightly unreal, sort of tingly, weak, odd..

5. Generally feel like crap.

On a Sunday? What the shit is this?

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can you push your chin to your chest without too much pain?

It aches around my shoulders when I do it, but no real pain as such..

I'm gonna guess swine, but if your neck gets so stiff that you're in agony when pushing your chin to your chest, I'm flying over and forcing you to an ER.

Might just be a tiny fleeting virus.. I'm sure I'm fine :o)

I'm sure it is too, but the neck thing is always the first thing I ask when someone has flu-like symptoms, because bacterial meningitis basically has the symptoms of an intense flu except that it kills you in days, and I rather prefer you alive :)

Are you developing a short, curly tail and a slightly upturned nose?

Not as yet, but I'll keep you informed....

Didn't you already have swine flu?

Not yet, nor do I especially want it. I'm sure I'm fine.

Oh I thought I remembered tma making some comment about you mingling with the swine awhile back...

I think he probably meant something entirely different, most likely illegal....

If your fingernails start to hurt, I'll apologize for infecting you via computer screen. Today my whole torso hurts due to coughing for three straight hours last night.

Mmm, I've been doing some delightful coughing just now... :o\

Fingernails are fine though. You can have mine if I die, to replace yours...

The coughing is horrible.

My fingernails don't hurt today. But muscles I really didn't know about are just very sore. Yuck.

Feel better, James.

I don't think I have enough symptoms to really say for sure, and I feel a bit better now, so perhaps it was just a blip...

Well, just get plenty of vitamin C, wrap up warm, and hopefull you'll be back to normal soon! :)

Wrap up warm?! I have a fever! Do you want me to start hallucinating? :o(

You have a fever? What's your temperature?

I don't know, I didn't take it before I took some medicine and had a bit of a nap - I feel a bit better now :o)

Remind me to show this level of compassion next time you're PMSing :oP

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