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Okay, so if the totality of existence is some high-entropy soup, in which a dreaming brain in a jar is a more probable and lower effort explanation of consciousness than the spontaneous creation of a whole universe (a point on which I disagree in the first place), then the physical laws in the dream state (our reality), whilst appearing self-consistent at least, need not bear any relation to the wider entropic soup. In other words, the very principles on which one could base a Dreaming Brain in a Jar argument hinge on an understanding of physical laws which are themselves imaginary, and which would not in themselves constrain a wider reality. In other words, you can only suggest that this reality is not real, by arguing that its existence is not consistent with its own physical laws (again, disagree) but once you've established that those laws as we understand them do not apply, you have no basis for an alternative hypothesis.

Yes, this is what I think about on the train to work...

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Block Transfer Computation.

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