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(no subject)
If their Question Time appearance was an early Christmas present for the BNP, then it was lovingly wrapped and hand delivered by Peter Hain.

How much additional publicity did the show receive as a result of him trying to convince the BBC (in a very public fashion) that letting the BNP on would be "illegal"? What started off as a bit of a political curiosity was turned into a media circus by this small minded man and his crazy "My iron rule is better than their iron rule" philosophy, in which he somehow believes himself uniquely qualified to tell us which ideas we may or may not consume.

I watched it again with Naomi yesterday, and a few things jumped out at me. The first is him complaining at the lack of an "English" option on the census (because really, they're the English National Party - the Scots and Welsh have their own parties, and they're far more concerned with devolution than kicking Darkie out). Given that the "English" are actually German invaders from 1500 years ago, does he really want to open that box? Especially when his own website claims 17,000 years worth of "English" residence. And of course ignoring the fact that his dark hair and blue eyes mark him out as more Brythonic - granted, a more ancient resident of the island, but certainly not English in the "racial purity" way he would like.

His accusation that immigration policies amount to genocide misses a very obvious point - nobody is forcing the white folks to breed with the dark folks. It's not like they're coming here and raping our women, polluting them with their genes. Well, in Mr Griffin's head it might be just like that. But in reality, we are choosing not to value and protect our "racial purity". And I'm glad of that.

Finally, the trial of Radovan Karadzic really provides a glimpse of the dangers of this way of thinking. Anti-Muslim sentiment, coupled with a desire to protect racial purity by driving out and killing The Other led to arguable the worst war crimes in Europe since the second world war. This is where nationalism based on race leads.

I've double checked with the council that I'm eligible to vote. While the BNP have no presence in my area, ot's still important at the national level that there's at least one more non-BNP vote.

One amusing thing that my brother pointed out - I would be interested to know how the BNP would handle the level of immigration if their dreams came true and all non-English people were ejected from the country, if the Americans then followed suit. There are 90m ethnic English around the world, largely in the US. If they also adopted a policy of sending non-indigenous people home, I'd love to see how we'd cope with that population explosion (an extra 50% on what we have now).