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(no subject)
I saw a website earlier talking about the way in which bats' "hands" have adapted to suit flying, with webbed fingers that can unfold like wings, yadda yadda, all the good evolution stuff that I do so love..

Probably worth mentioning that this was on creationism.org..

See, because then, it went on to say:
A far simpler explanation is that bats, like cars and planes, are the product of very careful, intelligent design
So they've actually tackled the tricky bits of exactly how these things come about, and have decided to just throw it out...?

I really should start bringing "God" into things more often. How does gravity work? Well, there's this concept called space-time curvature, and you have subatomic particles that give matter mass which.... well actually, the simple version is, God likes it when stuff is down. So things move down to make God happier. When you fall over, that makes God smile.

Advocates of Intelligent Design must think that people are stupid, if they're offering the "simpler answer"... I find that more offensive than creationism, to be honest - at least the creationists are arguing their point of view because they think it's right, not just easier. It's not inherently anti-intellectual, unlike intelligent design...

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God likes it when stuff is down...When you fall over, that makes God smile I think your take on gravity is probably the best I have seen in a long time

Hi, I found you through ink_smear and started perusing your journal, and I decided to add you! I hope you don't mind, and feel free to add me back if you'd like :)

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