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I've had a little time to collect my thoughts on Question Time, and I still maintain that it was some of my favourite TV of recent times. Not since I watched Obama winning the US presidential election have I Watched a piece of political programming that has given me a sense that maybe there is some semblance of sanity in the world, even if it doesn't always overlap with the mainstream majority point of view.

Simply put, Nick Griffin came across like some perverse composite of The Office's David Brent and Joseph Goebbels, with all the failings of both and neither commanding the pity of the former, nor the effectiveness of the latter. He's that nasty fat kid at school who seemed every so slightly psychopathic, and whose response to being caught out being a little shit would be to laugh because he doesn't know how else to react.

Eventually Griffin had to be told that the subject matter was not funny - I believe during a discussion about the Holocaust. A subject on which he has all sorts of different views depending on the occasion - last night, he explained that he no longer denies the holocaust, but couldn't leave it be, and felt compelled to further explain that European Law prevents him from going into the details of what he thinks, or why. I wonder if he perhaps over-estimated the number of holocaust-deniers who watch Question Time, and if this was a misguided attempt to "keep them sweet".

Caught out describing his aims to control the media, and his belief that when this happened the general public would support his plans to repatriate the "non-indigenous English", he complained of being misquoted, lied about what he had or had not said, and eventually just defaulted to smirking and laughing once all other options were exhausted.

Quite who he imagines these indigenous English to be, I don't know. When last I checked, the word itself derives from the Angles, and the "ethnic group" is whatever mixture of Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Normans and Britons eventually won out. The "indigenous people", if you can really call them that, were displaced from all but Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. There are no "English" in the way that he fantasises, successive invasions over a thousand years ago took care of that.

Of course, he was probably using that terminology for emphasis. In the official party literature, they talk more about Western Europeans in general, thus taking care of the rather uncomfortable fact that "English" is just like "American" in its level of racial purity. But if we cast the net wide enough that it covers most of the people who live here, but not wide enough that it includes any black folks, that works, right...?

Naturally he very graciously offered a "foreign looking" chap the opportunity to remain in the country should he come to power. That it would even be necessary for such assurances to be made should tell us something, but worse still is the fact that in BNP meetings, this is most certainly not the position that's put forward - quite the opposite, they wish to return Britain to the "mostly white" makeup of the 1950s (or whichever convenient decade seems to be the whitest at any given time), and repatriation is the way they propose to achieve this.

He seemed positively happy that consensus was that many of the votes he received were protest votes against the immigration policies of the government. Taking pride in a victory won not through one's own efforts, but by the incompetence of others, is for idiots. If you play a bad game of football but the other team manage to score more own goals than you, you don't sing and dance about how thrilled you are - you're only drawing attention to your own inability to win on your own merit.

But on that subject, the following thought occurs when considering the protest voters.

What the fuck do you think you're doing?

It's like the school child who sides with the violent bully in order to "send a message" to the teaching staff. You know who else gets the message? The kids being bullied. In this case, while I'm sure the government takes every vote for the BNP like a punch in the gut (because honestly, who wants to be that shit that people would sooner vote for racist cunts?) it sends quite another message to people of ethnic minorities, who might have been born here, grown up here, have all the accent and dialect of a "native", and who are now being told that there's growing support for a party that would favour sending them "home", by which I just mean "away".

Any person who would stand up and support a cause so vile in order to "send a message" has lost sight of the bigger picture, or has just decided not to care. I would rather vote for the "Let's abuse our expenses" party than the "Darkies Out!" party. It's called perspective, you fucking cretins.

In any case, he came across as a small, angry man, who lacked the tools to cope with his own bare-faced lies being exposed. That was all I had hoped for. I believe strongly that if the majority of the population are ignorant, racist idiots, then they should be entitled to vote for an ignorant and racist leader. What I wanted to be reassured about was that nobody who didn't tick at least two of the 'ignorant', 'racist' or 'idiot' boxes would vote for Nick Griffin. After that performance, I'm satisfied.

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I caught BBC's news article about protesters showing up for a broadcast while reading the news on my phone the other day. Not really aware who he was (having insufficient time to look it up) but it was an interesting read, and good to read someone's actual thoughts touching on the subject.

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