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(no subject)
Ah, Question Time.. I'm excited and nervous all at once.. I hope the BNP get fucked...

Edit 1:

Man, I love that Nick Griffin is talking about the non-violent KKK... What a star...

They're screwing him senseless, and I couldn't be happier..

Edit 2:

"I cannot explain why I used to deny the holocaust, nor can I explain why I changed my mind"

Fucking Hell... Also, I think I'm going to have Jack Straw's babies...

Edit 3:

This is some of my favourite TV ever, I think... Nobody gives a shit about what that fat racist cunt has to say, and he's being serially raped by his own absurd and offensive statements coming back to haunt him...

Edit 4:

"We Christians find the sight of two men kissing creepy" apparently... Homosexuality should be kept private, apparently... Good one...

Final Edit:

Fucking awesome. If it gets them more voters, then those people are fucking idiots, so fuck them. As far as I'm concerned, this was more or less exactly what I had hoped for.

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I think Griffin did as good a job as he could have done of appearing moderate in front of such a hostile crowd.
Jack Straw looked a bigger twat than Griffin on the question about whether it was current governments fault that the BNP got into power - NG might have been busily moving the goalposts, but at least he answered the questions as asked.

I got the impression that NG accepts that his parties role was to be there as a protest vote winner - and IMO we need parties like that so that we can express distaste with the choices made by the other 2.5 parties as they will always try and share the same popular ground on every issue otherwise.

Any person who would endorse a party as vile as the BNP out of some pathetic need to rebel against the mainstream (in ignorance of every other option offered) is a fucking sub-human idiot.

With UKIP standing in the European elections, there is no excuse for a BNP vote as some sort of protest against Europe and immigration. Unless, as previously mentioned, you're a fucking sub-human idiot. And a cunt.

I'm going to assume that you're trolling here, because it's kind of hard to imagine a reality in which anybody with any sense at all could even remotely defend the BNP as being valid.

as usual.
not trolling - just expressing a balanced view.

"If it gets them more voters, then those people are fucking idiots"

BBC News is reporting "Opinion poll held since Question Time suggests 22% of voters would seriously consider voting BNP"


"The BNP claims 3,000 people registered to join the party during and after the broadcast.

Meanwhile, an opinion poll carried out after Mr Griffin's appearance suggests 22% of voters would "seriously consider" voting BNP in a future local, general or European election."

Hum ho...

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